Liya shih tzu puppies for sale is a family owned breeder home specialized in raising Shih Tzu puppies. Each puppy is well socialized and home raised around kids and other pet in our home. Like many great things, Liya Shih Tzu Pups home was founded on an ambitious idea. The idea centered around our desire to breed Shih Tzu puppies solely designed to excel as a family companion. Pets designed to fix the many issues that currently plague the breed today.

These puppies would excel in functionality as much as beauty. The health of the puppy would be valued and prioritized first and foremost before any other consideration. We would fight to improve the breed, correcting the many poor decisions uneducated breeders have made over the years that have weakened the breed as a whole. Being a family companion, the puppy would not only need to be healthy, its personality would also need to be loving and friendly being the absolute joy of the entire family.

This founding idea, to create a healthy, functional, and loving Shih Tzu puppy has guided and driven every decision we have ever made with our breeding programs and quite possibly is the best way to describe what a Beauty Shih Tzu Pups Farm really is and what makes us different from your average breeders.